Tours with the White Huskies

If you love dogs, come and see these friendly and beautiful Arctic huskies. We have a unique and exciting tour for you! Our tours with the dogs are available daily Sunday through Friday. We are located at the Arctic Chalet at 25 Carn Street just off Airport Road on your way out of town. Just follow the signs. We are easy to find!

Summer Dog Mushing

Enjoy a 20-30 minute ride with our white huskies in action pulling you on an ATV four-wheeler! This is a thrill you won’t want to miss! We can take up to 3 people at a time comfortably seated on each of our two 4-seater ATVs.

$40 per adult
$25 per child

*Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian

Tours with the White Huskies Tours with the White Huskies

Tours with the White Huskies Tours with the White Huskies

The Kennel Tour

Meet the dogs and learn all about the White Huskies and winter dog mushing! We will tell you some interesting facts about our dogs and will show you how to harness a husky, hook it up to a sled and then we will give you a short briefing on how to drive a dog team. This is a great opportunity to photograph these beautiful huskies in the natural surroundings of the Arctic Chalet property. The tour is about 1 hr.

$50 per adult
$25 per child

*Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Now you can add on to your kennel tour a short ride with the huskies pulling you on an ATV four-wheeler for an extra $10 per person!

Arctic Loon Cabin Hike

Enjoy a fun afternoon & evening of hiking and relaxing out at our wilderness cabin retreat. We start this tour by driving you to the trailhead which is about 15 minutes or 20 km s out of Inuvik where we will start our hike. The duration of this guided tour is about 4hours but the walk to the cabin is less than an hour each way. Best of all, you will have the option of hiking with a couple of our beautiful & friendly White Huskies which has proven to be a delight to many. On this hike you will be walking on a natural trail over uneven ground that follows the contour of the land. This route is suitable for the experienced hiker with good boots. We recommend solid leather, water-proof hiking boots, as the terrain tends to be a mix of semi-wet mossy areas along with a few small stumps and logs to navigate your way around. You will experience hiking over various types of vegetation so typical of the land in the far north.

On your way to the cabin you will be going up and down some small hills and around a beautiful little lake with an active beaver colony where beavers can often be seen swimming in the lake. You will see some interesting trees and plant life, birds too, as you walk through the Boreal Forest. Peregrin Falcons nest on the cliffs close to the cabin.

The Arctic Loon Cabin is located in one of the most beautiful places in the Inuvik area and provides a great opportunity to view wildflowers that bloom under the Arctic summer sun. If you are here during the Autumn season in late August or early September you will see this land alive with brilliant colors!

When you arrive at the cabin you can enjoy a snack and a cup of tea or hot chocolate. The cabin features an indoor toilet, a spacious living room with a wood stove, a cozy corner, three bedrooms and a loft, a nice kitchen and is a comfortable and enjoyable place to be.

The cabin was built on a rocky cliff above the lake and is the only cabin on the lake, making it an ideal retreat in nature. It is also protected with an electric fence just incase a bear walks through the area which would be quite unusual.

We have an outdoor cedar hot tub located on a large deck in front of the cabin offering a great view over the lake and the Campbell Hills on the other side. If your group would like to use the hot tub please let us know and don't forget your swim suit! Also the cabin kitchen is equipped with propane appliances so that our guests can cook a meal if so desired.

Note: We also offer this hike as a snowshoe tour in winter.

The cost of this tour is $75 per person.

Walk to Grassy Lake

Join us on a 45 minute guided walking tour from the kennels to Grassy Lake and back. We will be hiking on a prepared sawdust trail that is easy to walk on. You will enjoy this nature walk with a group of loose dogs that are friendly and playful. This is a great opportunity to photograph the dogs as they enjoy their summer holidays.

$35 per person

Nature Walk in the Campbell Hills

This is a 1-2 hour easy hike with a guide on a well-prepared trail. Some sections of the trail are more advanced with steep inclines to the tops of some of the hills but can be avoided. There are some spectacular view points along the way. Your guide will bring a friendly husky along for companionship and added safety in bear country. The drive to the trail head is about 40 minutes down the Dempster Highway.

$55 per person