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We offer a variety of wonderful tour options to Tuktoyaktuk that include an exceptional and traditional Inuvialuit guide. Our guide and her husband, a very knowledgable birder who is often present on the tour, are one of only a few reaming native families who still hunt and trap and live off the land for most of the year at their remote bush camp. This exclusive guide is available for all of our Tuk tours.

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Aklavik Fly & Boat Delta Tour

$395 per person
GST extra

Fly from Inuvik to Aklavik over the beautiful Mackenzie Delta. Then you get a 1-hr. community tour of Aklavik which is the birthplace of Inuvik and the burial spot of the infamous Madd Trapper of Rat River. An experienced native guide will take you back to Inuvik by boat through 7 picturesque channels. This two-hour boat ride gives you the chance to travel all the way across the Mackenzie Delta as the natives have for so many years. You may also be able to add on a fish fry at a local bush camp in the Delta on the boat trip back to Inuvik. Boats take 5-15 people. Tour length is about 4-5 hours. Tour is available mid-June to the end of August.

TUK Tours

Arctic Ocean
Arctic Ocean
Frozen Fish in the Underground Ice House
Frozen Fish in the Underground Ice House
IBYUK The Pingo Canadian Landmark
IBYUK The Pingo Canadian Landmark
Arctic Ocean
Ice Road into Tuktoyaktuk
Frozen Fish in the Underground Ice House
Small Tour Plane
IBYUK The Pingo Canadian Landmark
Traditional Sod House

The Traditional Tuk Tour 
$550 (4 hours)

Fly the river and the Arctic coastline to the ocean and then back over the treeless tundra to Inuvik. You know, like in a circle, so you see everything and don't repeat scenery.   And it's all from the air, from a bird's eye view! This is a realistic, sensible and spectacular way to see the Mackenzie Delta, pingos, tundra and ocean shoreline without feeling beat at the end of the day.  So let us take you on this amazing flight to Tuktoyaktuk all the way to the Beaufort Sea!  On this 50 minute flight over the Mackenzie River and Delta you will fly beyond the tree line and over the expanses of the vast Arctic landscape.  At the Tuk airport you will be met by our traditional Inuvialuit guide who will take you on a 2-hour driving tour of the community. Dip your toe into the Arctic Ocean or take a plunge. Explore the sod house, see the Trans Canada Trail marker,  the old mission boat and the picturesque little churches and much more. 
flying full day tuk tour

The Cultural Tuk Tour (5-9 hours)
with the option to do a Side Trip by Boat on the Arctic Ocean
$675 per person

This is your opportunity to see the Arctic Ocean and this tour gives you the chance to immerse yourself into some real native culture! You will fly over the Mackenzie Delta and/or over the beautiful tundra with its many little lakes. You will also see the larger Eskimo Lakes that connect to salt water in the Beaufort Sea.

You can get a good view of several pingos from the air during the flight including the largest one, Ibyuk, the Pingo Canadian Landmark. Beautiful flight either way. The cost for this tour includes the flights and a great ground tour and is the same price whether you fly to Tuk with a scheduled flight or with a charter flight.

Visiting Tuk is truly a unique once-in-a-lifetime experience and if it's not on your "bucket list" it should be! Don't die or leave Inuvik before going with us all the way to Tuktoyaktuk at the top of the North American continent!

Our exclusive amazing guide
Our Inuvialuit guide and her husband are truly unique. Although our guide is very knowledgable and has excellent communication skills, she and her husband are one of just three families left in the Tuk area who still live in isolation out on the land most of the year. They don?t just visit their camp once in a while or talk to you about the way their ancestors lived as other guides do. They are still living the traditional lifestyle out there on the land themselves! How neat is that!

Here is what you can expect on your ground tour in Tuk. Our tour guide will greet you at the airport in Tuk in her van and will give you a two-hour traditional community tour. Dip your toe into the Arctic Ocean or take a plunge and get a handsome certificate for doing that! Explore the sod house, an amazing replica of a traditional sod house used by natives of the area many years ago. See the Trans Canada Trail marker, the old mission boat and the picturesque little churchesÉ. and your guide will make sure you can get a good view of Ibyuk from the ground. In addition to this you will get one extra hour of cultural experiences in her own house in Tuk.

In addition to the community tour our guide will invite you into her summer home for a hot traditional meal of caribou stew and Eskimo donuts. You can also sample muskox meat, dry fish, muktuk and smoked whale meatÉ and she will show you her own smoke house too!

She will then show you some of the furs and skins that she harvested this past winter at her camp 155 miles out of Tuk. You will see antlers from different types of caribou, also different types of fox hides and muskox fur. In addition to furs, she also has some very interesting traditional clothing. You will see the old parka that her mother wore which has a beautiful sunburst hoodÉ.and the polar bear pants that her husband used to wear when huntingÉ.They are so cool!

The Flights to Tuk
We will do our best to get you to Tuk but please be flexible! Sometimes it works out best for us to fly you with our scheduled flight and sometimes it works best to fly with our charter planeÉ but you can let us know what your preference is and we will do our best to accommodate your preference.

Scheduled Flight
You leave Inuvik at 9:30 am and arrive in Tuk at 10 am. You return at 4 pm and must be at the Tuk airport at 3 pm (guide will get you there). Your flight goes directly up and back the same way and on this one thereÕs time for an hour of boating on the ocean if weather and your guideÕs schedule allows for it.

Your direct flight to Tuk is in a larger plane, like a Twin Otter that can fly IFR even if the weather isnÕt perfect. So if we book you on this flight your chance of being able to fly to Tuk on an overcast or rainy day is better than in the smaller airplane that must fly visual the whole way.

We can guarantee you a Cultural Tuk tour ahead of time even if there are three people in your party. We can also guarantee this tour to two people for an extra $100 per person.

If we put you on the scheduled flight you will have 2 hours on your own to visit the local stores and walk around the village or you can possibly take a boat ride out onto the ocean. Please keep in mind that there are no restaurants or coffee shops in Tuk but thereÕs coffee at the grocery store!

Charter Flight
This flight is about 45 minutes to an hour each way, and you will fly over the Mackenzie Delta going to Tuk and then back over the Tundra on the return flight so you see more of the land. Your tour is 5 hours from start to finish and accommodates 4-5 people. We do keep a running list for the Tuk tours so we can add you to our list if there are just one or two people in your party but there is no guarantee for just two people. This flight usually goes in the afternoon or wherever the plane is available.


$195 per person

Once you arrive in Tuk you can add on a 1-hour boat trip on the Arctic Ocean after your tour of the village if you are there for the day. This is a really nice way to enjoy boating at the top of the world! You will experience traveling on the Beaufort Sea with your local Inuvialuit guide, an experienced mariner. During the month of July, if you are lucky, you may even see some Beluga whales close up.

This tour is available in July and August, but it is weather dependant and we will not guarantee it until you are in Tuk and your guide has confirmed that wind conditions etc. are favourable and safe that day for a tour on the ocean.

Note: On any of our tours we reserve the right to add more people to fill vacant seats in the airplane.

Sightseeing Flights

The following SIGHTSEEING FLIGHTS are available upon request. The minimum is four people.


$865 per person plus GST
July 10, 2016

Herschel Island is a Yukon Territorial Park located in the Arctic Ocean only a few kilometres north of Ivvavik National Park and the beautiful British Mountains. We are planning to fly to Herschel in a twin otter plane which will land with tundra tires on the beach in front of the historic buildings and driftwood shelters.

You will be flying a very scenic route for about 1 hour from Inuvik to and from this beautiful little island in the Beaufort Sea. This flight offers you a great opportunity to view a variety of wild life along the way, such as moose feeding in the Mackenzie Delta, caribou grazing near the coast, beluga whales swimming in the ocean, grizzly bears and even muskox, some of which have been living right on the Island for several summers.

Upon landing you will be met by the park rangers who will give you a brief tour of the historical buildings reminiscent of the days when Herschel Island was a centre for hunting the bowhead whales. This is not only a place of historical value; it is a paradise for nature lovers and bird watchers.

The bird life is incredible with many birds nesting close to the buildings in early summer. Plants and wildflowers grow lusciously in this special environment which is conducive to plant growth.

You are given 3 hours to explore the island before returning to Inuvik. All in all the tour is about 5 hours. Group size is about 15 people.

Note: We can fly four people to Herschel in a float plane on any other dates in July or August for the same price.

Important Notes & Cancellation Policy for Flying Tours:

  • Tours may be delayed or cancelled due to weather, mechanical issues or other factors. Remember, weather rules in the Arctic!
  • You will not pay for the flight if we or the pilots cancel your flight.
  • The time that your tour starts may change so please be flexible.
  • You will pay for the flight if your plane takes off with the intention of being able to land at its destination even if it can’t land due to unexpected weather or mechanical issues arising along the way (this is rare). Pilots always check weather before a flight so they can get there and back under safe flying conditions.
  • Your ground tour in Tuk may be cut short due to approaching weather systems or other problems that may arise which are out of our control. In this case refunds will not be given and our costs also remain the same.
  • If you are flying in a larger plane with IFR capabilities and have to fly in cloud or above the clouds due to poor weather on the day of your flight, you may not see the scenery below.
  • Try to plan a little extra time into your schedule while traveling in the far north. We suggest that you plan for an extra day in Inuvik to compensate for the possibility of bad flying weather on the day of your tour. Your flight might be rescheduled for the next day.
  • We are not allowed to book the airplane until the day before your tour. If a particular plane is not available we will try to make alternate arrangements for your flight.
  • We ask you to please call us or stop by the Arctic Chalet the evening before your tour so we can discuss the departure time etc..
  • The time of departure may change at the last minute. Make sure we can contact you regarding changes in scheduling.
  • Our cancelation policy is 24 hours before the scheduled flight time.
  • Tour prices do not include GST (5%)
  • The price that you agreed to pay will remain the same even if we add more people to your tour at the last minute.
  • There may be changes to your tour route or to the type of aircraft used or to the flying time. Remember that we are doing all we can to give you the best tour possible.
  • Please be patient, flexible and understanding of varying northern conditions. We hope that you enjoy your adventure in the north!